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Navigating the Concerns of Headshot Photography.

Are you thinking about your next headshot but you are not booking anything because you are worried about something, let me guess?! You don't feel comfortable in front of the camera, you are not photogenic, you stress when you have your photo taken,...?

I get it ! Even as a photographer, I act differently when I am in front of the camera. We become self conscious and focus about all the little details that we don't like about ourselves.

That's why a headshot photography is much more than just the headshot. It is about creating a safe, relaxed and fun environment where everyone can enjoy the process and have fun. That's what I always try to achieve in my studio in Chiswick.

I tend to not rush a headshot session, I take the time to chat and explain the process, my tools, the lights, etc.. after all it is a interaction between the photographer and the client. Ultimately it will create better photos.

I work back and forth with my client, I show them the photos, we try different poses and ultimately, I press the shutter but we both work on the photo together!

So leave your worries aside and join me in my studio in Chiswick to create your next headshot!

PS: I can also come to you anywhere in London, covering areas such as Hammersmith, Ealing, Westminster, Central London,..

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